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Patty has a NEW Official Web Page! CLICK HERE!


TQR&R has a largest selection of Patty Duke pictures Patty has ever SEEN!

Well, at least that's what I heard … from PATTY DUKE, March 14, 1999.

•••••• One day I'll get around to putting some of those pix on this site ••••••


I aslo have many Patty movies, magazine, posters, records, clippings, books, and rare/odd items. Some of these items were used on the E! Entertainment Television Celebrity Profile on Patty Duke.

I'm always willing to help out anyone who needs research materials on Patty for TV specials, papers, etc… just CONTACT me...


•••••• The Patty Duke Fanzine hits the big time for 1 second and 23 frames! ••••••

An actual still from the credits of Patty Duke's Celebrity Profile on E! Entertainment Television!



For a Rock & Roll dose of Patty party with THE PATTY DUKE FANZINE. The PDFZ is a goofy zine of various Patty clippings. The real treat is the 7” record. TAKE A LOOK!!!

There are a few Patty suprises on the MULTIMEDIA page too!

On my LINKS page, you can find plenty of links to Patty Duke sites, but is SIMPLY THE BEST.







why is there a pic of Kelly Osbourne on the Patty Duke page?

click the pick and look at the framed pictures on the wall...