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july 2003

Skrockin' Yer Butow  playlist      07.25.2003
NEW day & time! Fridays 9 - Midnite (eastern time zone) • 89.3fm Dearborn/Detroit • • 1.800.585.HFCC x WORM
miss murgatroid and petra haden    theme for the sleepless bella neurox win
negativland arbory hill deathsentences of the polished and structurally weak seeland
hanin elias spirits in the sky no games no fun fatal-recordings
emil beaulieau track 5 dedicated to richard rupenus pure
star athena garfield trail demo n/a
mum finally we are no one finally we are no one fat cat
gom n/a split 7" w/ lasse marhaug apartment elektro / jazzassin
milk sweetie milk black bean and placenta
omoide hatoba pola mantako public bath
the peeps i like it 7" sympathy for the record industry   
the skolars thanks split 7" w/ telegraph dashiki clout
juliet swango fussin' the teen beat 2002 sampler teen beat
yume bitsu mothmen meet the council of frogs auspicious winds k
metal dungeon track 1 metal dungeon time STEREO
fannypack things so stylistic tommy boy
windy + carl balance (trembling) consciousness kranky
my bloody valentine cupid come isn't anything creation
mahogany red marrow, his sorrow the dream of a modern day burnt hair
kanda mug man it's a good name for you 555
the stool pigeons i gotta dream on i gotta dream on 7" sympathy for the record industry
the magnetic fields smoke & mirrors mrg 100 re-mixx merge
premature ejaculation emission precox assertive discipline dark vinyl
holly & the italians twenty years late tell that girl to shut up bootant pop
bigfoot original field recordings of a californian bigfoot oct. 12, 1975 (side one)    bigfoot sounds off! 7" bf records
the chubbies ricky you shouldn't be spying on me new wave boyfriends sympathy for the record industry
K2 naught nausea of navvy alt. noise compilation switch
gitane demone speed am i wrong? hollow's hill
bigfoot original field recordings of a californian bigfoot oct. 12, 1975 (side two)    bigfoot sounds off! 7" bf records
the come ons rip her to shreds how many bands does it take to screw uo a blondie tribute? sympathy for the record industry
mira calix ms. meteo (poolside mix) one on one warp
patty duke come live with me patty duke sings songs from valley of the dolls and other selections    united artists


Skrockin' Yer Butow  playlist      07.18.2003
NEW day & time! Fridays 9 - Midnite (eastern time zone) • 89.3fm Dearborn/Detroit • • 1.800.585.HFCC x WORM
electrocute i love my daddy a tribute to your taste emperor norton
luc ferrari visage v anthology of noise... sub-rosa
unrest vibe out! cath carroll teen beat
blood on the wall baby likes to holer 7" big deal
Crack:WAR the sabbath open up and say...@<%_|^[!] tigerbeat6
the flir golden test tones volume 02 clairecords
the birthday machine closet superhero test tones volume 02 clairecords
the blow the democracy of small things invisible sheild k
melt-banana key is a fact that a cat brings cell-scape a-zap
the soviettes matt's song the soviettes LP adeline
the frumpies wrong way round eunuch nights 7" kill rock stars
that dog. lip gloss totally crushed out! dgc
Adult. suck the air 7" ersatz audio
viki do you really know me? masters of the scene nihilist
mandate promise keepers bad times ahead for me bananafish
delta waves airborn the delta waves dream in real time burnt hair / TQR&R...
esp beatles the world on time split 7" w/ jennifer wolski shaolin temple / time STEREO
n/a n/a DRACULA power records
takagi masakatsu cino piano pia carpark
ida strings shhh.... time STEREO
club 8 saturday night engine strangely beautiful hidden agenda
junior varsity pop socks bam bam bam! peek-a-boo
throbbing gristle hometime D. o. A. the third and final report of throbbing gristle mute
his name is alive letter stars on e.s.p. 4ad
his name is alive home stars on e.s.p. 4ad
yo la tengo autumn sweater i can hear the heart beating as one matador
yasuhiro ohtani a memory book the miracle of levitation gentle giant
all girl summer fun band million things 2 k
ICU russian rhapsody despite the smell of colors... vol: i n.e.w. recordings / k
takako minekawa fancy work funk (tm / dj me dj you) fun9 emperor norton
birmingham sick boy joe medical milestones airmile
die monitr bats night hare 7" hand held heart / dim mak
paik killing windmills the orson fader clairecords
pan sonic radiokemia vakio blast first / mute
dead voices on air scan reflex shap invisible
patty duke my own little place patty duke sings songs from valley of the dolls and other selections united artists


Skrockin' Yer Butow  playlist      07.11.2003
NEW day & time! Fridays 9 - Midnite (eastern time zone) • 89.3fm Dearborn/Detroit • • 1.800.585.HFCC x WORM
extended organ shuck venus (even) xoxo birdman
saturday looks good to me i can't ever sleep all your summer songs polyvinyl
gravitar raining blood fact: five out of five kids who kill love slayer 7" comp shaolin temple
kevin blechdom i done usin' u's and bees bitches without britches chicks on speed
class feeling fine split 7" w/ metronome double agent
his name is alive track 9 brown rice time STEREO
panicsville track 2 split 12" w/ wolf eyes nihilist
mirah, ginger brooks, takahashi, and their friends the knife thrower songs from the black mountain music project st. ives
woody mcbride pulp an anthology of noise & electronic music / second a-chronology 1936 - 2003 sub rosa
le tigre remixed by analog tara tres bien (nouveau disco mix) remix mr. lady
morton subotnick mandolin an anthology of noise & electronic music / second a-chronology 1936 - 2003 sub rosa
medicine mixed by kid 606 i smile to my eyes i smile to my eyes 12" wall of sound
poundsign the best day underneath the marquee fantastic
abstinence freq ikebana important
thee headcoatees the prize 7" sympathy for the record industry
rothko stormcycle 10" kraak
tanya donelly moon over boston the bright light ep 4ad
boyracer cone out 2nite to get a better hold you've got to loosen yr grip 555
mechanix antarean brothel space rock on 7" scratch and sniff entertainment
diff'rent stripes i think i smell a rat a tribute to the white stripes 7" guided missile
saturday looks good to me 100 people tour e.p. 2002 ypsilanti
roosevelt's inaugural parade vendor roosevelt's inaugural parade 7" initial
mira calix sandsings pin skeeling 2 x 10" warp
the melons ma and finn strictly melonhead ep sunday records
godzuki prophecy of wade free wade time STEREO / go sonic
terror at the opera n/a n/a n/a
warn defever, hitoko, ian masters track 11 mountain ocean sun perforate my heart music records
merrilee & the turnabouts party song girls in the garage vol. 8 romulan
¡tchkung! dijamy post world handbook tim/kerr
¡tchkung! crashing the system post world handbook tim/kerr
the queers featuring lisa marr wasted wishes right on target ep hopeless
n/a n/a THE INCREDIBLE HULK AT BAY peter pan
quintron featuring miss pussycat cave formation are you ready for an organ solo?
patty duke why don't they understand? don't just stand there united artists


Skrockin' Yer Butow  playlist      07.04.2003
NEW day & time! Fridays 9 - Midnite (eastern time zone) • 89.3fm Dearborn/Detroit • • 1.800.585.HFCC x WORM
tujiko noriko tokyo tower from tokyo to naiagara tomlab
tujiko noriko track 6 make me hard mego
club 8 stay by my side strangely beautiful hidden agenda
melt-banana shield for your eyes, a Beast in the well on your hand    cell-scape a-zap
wolf eyes side a stabbed in the face (split 12" w/ panicsville)    nihilist / muet / vegalia / ignivomous / snse / up jumps the devil   
origami ride measure up baby roo
the runaways right now and now... the runaways get back
the nice device gotta get it gotta get it 7" n/a
irr. app. (ext.) knowing me knowing you masters of the scene nihilist
sigur ros track 1 cd + dvd set play it again sam
string theory (remixing salvi beta)    string theory meets salvo evil against evil someoddpilot
erase errata o.m.s.f.n. 7" comp kill rock stars
brighter death now payday may all be dead cold meat industry
controlled bleeding glass on wire inanition hypnotic
non carnis vale easy listening for iron youth mute
mirah dancing in the dark i do amazing impersonation of myself 7" monoculture
superchunk bonus track incidental music 1991-95 merge
godzuki tele-fone your future... march
period pains just 17 spice girls (who do you think you are?) 7" damaged goods
buck rubberneckin' american express 7" sympathy for the record industry
buck time to say goodbye buck in black lance rock
the lisa marr experiment slaughterhouse ceiling demos n/a
yo la tengo season of the shark summer sun matador
yo la tengo georgia vs. yo la tengo summer sun matador
jo ann castle tico tico accordion in hi-fi forum
dory/previn/williams the gillian girl commercial valley of the dolls soundtrack phillips
de gemini/cassia what is this love? she had a taste for music dagored
monster movie winter is coming last night something happened clairecords
[[[vvrssnn]]] gauntlet of the dying soul (prelude) split 7" w/ greg weeks spirit of orr
slumber party why do i care? slumber party kill rock stars
slumber party you've gone too far psychedelicate kill rock stars
poundsign tears underneath the marquee fantastic
patty duke a girl is a girl is a girl the best of patty duke just patty emi





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