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august 2003

Skrockin' Yer Butow  playlist      08.29.2003
NEW day & time! Fridays 9 - Midnite (eastern time zone) • 89.3fm Dearborn/Detroit • • 1.800.585.HFCC x WORM
helen love yeah yeah we're helen love radio hits 3 damaged goods
helen love does your heart go booooooomm love and glitter, hot days and musik damaged goods
diamanda galas i- i am- dreams schrei x mute
steve sanders i'm happy now i'm happy now canaan
solex there's a solex on the run solex vs. the hitmeister matador
tomorrowland mineral anenone red antenna
psychic tv godstar 7" temple
brian jones side 1 brian jones presents the pipes of pan at jou jouka musidor
enon birdnest starcastic touch and go
quasi no one hot shit! touch and go
800 cherries painty paint pots romantico n/a
patrizia borgatti dio, come ti amo! san remo's greatest hits epic
mondi come come 1:p hefty
pain teens indiscreet jewels stimulation festival trance syndicate
m. gira blind drainland young god
saturday looks good to me it sounds like they're in love with you 2003 tour cd ypsilanti
glass candy bicicleta emocional bicicleta emocional 7" troubleman unlimited
sean o'neal flowchart trevor hollAnd track 2 commercial darla
throwing muses not too soon the real ramona sire
tina & the total babes she's so tuff she's so tuff sympathy for the record industry
mummy the peepshow D FOR DIE 7" detector
ronnie fujiyama coney island 7" scratch
deerhoof sealed with a kiss apple o' kill rock stars / 5 rue christine
monlake atomium linear atomium reminiscence imbalance computermusic
P16.D4 ekstase des sozialismus kühe in 1/2 trauer selektion
merzbow and smell & quim side B 7" shf
slowdive blue skied an' clear pygmalion creation
kelly slusher brown eyes jen + stew 4 eva 555 / red square
kenneth kirschner february 8, 2003- september 19, 1998 ET AL 12k
electro group allstar 7" omnibus
mirah, ginger brooks, takahashi, and their friends while we have the sun songs from the black mountain music project st. ives
david behrman on the other ocean OHM: the early gurus of electronic music ellipsis arts
hanin elias tonight no games, no fun fatal-recordings
atom and his package stephanie says intellectos manifesto intellectos
patty duke half hearted kisses patty duke sings songs from valley of the dolls and other selections united artists


Skrockin' Yer Butow  playlist      08.01.2003
NEW day & time! Fridays 9 - Midnite (eastern time zone) • 89.3fm Dearborn/Detroit • • 1.800.585.HFCC x WORM
fannypack so stylistic so stylistic tommy boy
diamanda galas artémis masque of the red death mute
AFX ktpa1 smojphace ep men
stephin merritt poppyland eban & charley soundtrack merge
beat happening fortune cookie prize dreamy k
star phase 23 part.01 7" burnt hair
motorhoney take 7" lance rock
i am the world trade center the dream machine for lang distance travel build your own radio comp. bumbleBEAR
raymond scott electronic audio logos, inc. manhattan research inc. basta
beans all worlds 63:19:00 foreverbad
jessica bailiff time is an echo jessica bailiff kranky
action tiger internal message tiger against the life of deuce eats tokyo! n/a
l'orchestra spettacolo vincenzi gli innamorati suoi ultimi successi la cesenate
yo la tengo big day coming painful matador
ladytron seventeen light&magic emperorNorton
adult. nothing of the kind anxiety always ersatz audio
stereolab you used to call me sadness split 7" w/ fuxa lissy's
sigur ros olsen olsen agaetis byrjun fatcat
love as laughter singing sores make perfect swords the greks bring gifts k
lover of sin where the dead sleep christian death presents lover of sin candlelight
tom stempien tom's theme steppin' out with tom bristol sound
erkki kurenniemi antropoidien tanssi aanityksia / recordings 1963 - 1973 love records
emily's sassy lime pineapple boys need not apply right is here x-mas
nurse with wound rockette morton part one a sucked orange united dairies
nurse with wound rockette morton part two a sucked orange united dairies
the w-vibe rotoscope libra action 313808
tabata viva! revolutione!! mar/ino the compilation series mar/ino
john kellog come! how to train your dog stereo-fidelity
the sick lipstick knit stitch/crotch itch sting sting sting tigerstyle
saturday looks good to me track 7 tour e.p. ypsilanti
the weekend drummer the weekend teenage usa recordings
tokyo dowser suimin party edit the land of the rising noise charnel house
paik eva crickets and fireflies the music fellowship
patty duke i love how you love me patty united artists





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