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november 2004

Skrockin' Yer Butow  playlist      11.26.04
Fridays 9 - Midnite (eastern time zone) • 89.3fm Dearborn/Detroit • • 1.800.585.HFCC x WORM
the gun and the bible
welcome to the ocean floor
this is my ampbuzz
strange attractors audio house
hoochie coochie scratched man
merzbox disc 8: material action for 2 microphones
echo temptation
the social registry
the gerogerrigegege
stairway to promotion
singles 1985-1993
work in progress
wolf eyes
side two track two
lost sockets 10"
rune lindblad
till zakynthos
an anthology of noise & electronic music / third a-chronology 1952 - 2004
sub rosa
tracy + the plastics
knit a claw
culture for pigeon
troubleman unlimited
takako minekawa
shh song
emperor norton records
commodore rock
commodore rock
emperor norton records
pan sonic
johto 5. / cable 5.
mute records
manila (headman remix)
ladytron softcore jukebox
emperor norton records
what's a girl to do
ladytron softcore jukebox
emperor norton records
miss tk and the revenge
your show
miss tk and the revenge
gern blandsten
marian anderson
dere's no hidin' place
he's got the whole world in his hands - spirituals
greg davis
lux nigra
autumn records
monster movie
colder days
to the moon
the four corners
the secret life
the four corners say you're a scream
look up!
c'mon miracle
k records
psychic tv
thee dweller
godstar thee director's cut
jack pyle
ad finem
listen, son...
magnetic fields
the conet project: recordings of shortwave numbers stations
andrew coltrane
final warning
the purple machine
self released
sufjan stevens
year of the sheep
enjoy your rabbit
asthmatic kitty records
patty duke
sure gonna miss him
united artists


Skrockin' Yer Butow  playlist      11.19.04      GENESIS P-ORRIDGE Call In...
Fridays 9 - Midnite (eastern time zone) • 89.3fm Dearborn/Detroit • • 1.800.585.HFCC x WORM
genesis p-orridge & cotton ferox
word ship
important records
psychic tv
ov power
sordide sentimental
genesis p-orridge & astrid monroe
eshu yes you
when i was young
important records
psychic tv
silent records
psychick television
the atmospheric eye
a real swedish live show
thee temple ov psychick youth scandinavia
genesis p-orridge with "splinter test" featuring larry thrasher
thee decaying matter ov family l-ov-e
the fractured garden (discourses ov innocence devoured)
invisible records
genesis p-orridge & psychic tv
cowbell, bicycle wheels and vibes.
themes part I
cleopatra records
direction ov travel
temple records
splinter test
various trax from...
electric newspaper. issue four.
invisible records
psychic tv
white nights
dreams less sweet
some bizzare
mistriss mix and psychic tv
wicked (lucifer mix)
je t'aime
temple of psychic youth
genesis p-orridge & merzbow
flowering pain give space
a perfect pain
cold spring records
psychic tv
godstar (hyperdelic mix)
the singles - pt. 2
cleopatra records


Skrockin' Yer Butow  playlist      11.12.04
Fridays 9 - Midnite (eastern time zone) • 89.3fm Dearborn/Detroit • • 1.800.585.HFCC x WORM
impact test she wears the name of god kill kill kill rrrecords
pan sonic rahina II / mayhem II kesto mute
doctor mix & the remix i can't control myself wall pf noise acute records
two lone swordsmen the valve two lone swordsmen from the double gone chapel warp records
b. fleischmann timid digestion pop loops for breakfast charhizma
kid spatula mighty softstep meast planet-mu records
frumsamin log sigridar nielsdottur a golgalha vegur krossins liggur heim BIEM
the trashwomen keep a knockin' deep space repent records
the dollyrots wreckage eat my heart out panic button records
marine research capital L all's fair in love and chickfactor enchanté
ladytron miss black commodore rock invicta hi-fi
hangedup bring yr scuba gaer hangedup constellation
biosphere vibratoire autour de la lune. touch music
lovely midget heavy weather north head family vineyard
diamanda galas at the dark end of the street la serpenta canta mute
rocketship side two garden of delights drive-in records
waterwheel rasputin <> lushevening panchroma biomechanisms installment one alley sweeper records
bloemfontein comfortable, warm the longer now label high fidelity recordings
air formation in formation ends in light drive-in records
asobi seksu let them wait asobi seksu friendly fire recordings
Storm Bugs Blackheath Episode Up the Middle Down the Sides Fusetron
Storm Bugs Later that Same Evening Up the Middle Down the Sides Fusetron
merzbow yumin, non stop disco merzbox disc 8: material action for 2 microphones extreme
hoodversusduofourteen sun on wrought iron 10" 555 recordings
hollAnd i like my pulse i steal and do drugs teenbeat
tracy + the plastics quaasara culture for pigeon troubleman unlimited
the exile a room with three windows good vibrations bedroom ambience 4 enraptured records
patty duke i want your love (excluded from Patty Duke Sings Songs From Valley of the Dolls and Other Selections) unreleased


Skrockin' Yer Butow  playlist      11.05.04
Fridays 9 - Midnite (eastern time zone) • 89.3fm Dearborn/Detroit • • 1.800.585.HFCC x WORM
electroputas international harvest 3 the social registry
electroputas starsoul 3 the social registry
future bible heroes the dj from outer space the lonely robot instinct records
jimmy nelson the first lesson - position the mouth instant ventriloquism juro novelty co
pan•american unleft kid606 ps you love me tigerbeat6 / mille plateaux
detroit cobras cha cha twist cha cha twist 7" rough trade
metric dead disco old world underground, where are you now? everloving
ladytron cease2xits light&magic emperorNorton records
stereo total milky boy bourgeois my melody bobsled records
tina & the total babes all about makin out she's sp tuff sympathy for the record industry
the frenchmen tell me why sorry we ruined your party clairecords
the weekend work it out kiss kiss chatterbox records
the muffs oh poor you really really happy five foot two records
gaze eric idol mitsumeru k records
tuscadero carthy ray my way or the highway teen beat / elektra
the delmonas dangerous charms the delmonas do the... uncle willy get hip records
no.9 for sister mushi-no-ne locust music
basil kirchin part one - once upon a time QUANTUM a journey through sound in two parts trunk records
entre rios lima little darla has a treat for you v.22 darla
the elevations what can i do detroit soul 7" D-wreckEd-hiT Records
wolf eyes villiage oblivia burned mind sub pop
slumber party you've gone too far psychedelicate kill rock stars
windy + carl underground introspection blue flea records
christian death the third antichrist sex and drugs and jesus christ prophets records
coil the snow (backwards) the snow ep wax trax!
gen_des_com oktober the bolshevik catalogue silent records
waveform transmission v 1.4 v 1.0 - 1.9 silent records
pluramon time for a lie dreams top rock karaoke kalk
mum the ballad of the broken birdie records (ilo mix) remixed TMT entertainment
amp stellata astralmoonbeamprojections kranky
n/a high pitch polytone the conet project: recordings of shortwave numbers stations irdial-disc
patty duke all through the day just patty: the best of patty duke emi







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