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september 2005

Skrockin' Yer Butow  playlist      09.30.05
Fridays 9 - Midnite (eastern time zone) • 89.3fm Dearborn/Detroit • • 1.800.585.HFCC x WORM
throbbing gristle medicine journey through a body the grey area of mute
edda dell'orso una voce allo specchio women in lounge volume 2 cinedelic records
boyd rice / non solitude terra incolnita: ambient works 1975 present mute records limited
isan wistful song for a soaring superstar gull 7" elefant records
brigitte incontro 7" king
and d recordando 7" elefant records
burning star core come back through me the very heart of the world thin wrist recordings
biosphere. fall in, fall out dropsonde touch music
daniel menche scourge scattered remains: early rarities soleilmoon recordings
lycia november ionia projekt records
not breathing melloncholie battlecat carrion sounds kimosciotic records
fax deja vu (millimetrik's winter mix) collaborations & remixes static.
mezbow mantra 3 merzbuddha important records
adult. gimmie trouble gimmie trouble thrill jockey
lesbians on ecstacy tell me does she love the bass - a scream club remix giggles in the dark - lesbians on ecstacy remixes alien8recordings
andrew liles nothing at all an un world infraction
tujiko noriko switch of the sun in you blurred in my mirror room
thomas brinkmann decoupe clicks & cuts 4 milleplateauxmedia
stereolab plastic mile 7" too pure
stereo total eir tanzen in 4-eck (candie hank version) eir tanzen in 4-eck labels / bungalow
jazzkammer free willy! hot action sexy karaoke ground fault recordings
dykehouse when you come midrange ghostly international
jeremy boyle van halen songs from the guitar solos southern records
n/a spanish lady the conet project: recordings of shortwave numbers stations irdial-disc
patty duke i love how you love me patty united artists


Skrockin' Yer Butow  playlist      09.09.05
Fridays 9 - Midnite (eastern time zone) • 89.3fm Dearborn/Detroit • • 1.800.585.HFCC x WORM
pan sonic louhi kesto mute
his name is alive get your curse summer bird ep time STEREO
cranes astronauts particles & waves dadaphonic recordings
rake. squlech 7" fourth dimension records
blood and bone orchestra track 2 recorded january 17, 2005 @ the A/V Space in rochester, NY carbon records
burning star core i wanna make a super-sonic woman of you mes soldats stupids 1996 - 2004 cenotaph
sawako dd (dream of the dog) the audible still-life: sonic planar analysis 02 statisfield
et sans track 1 par noussss touss les trous de vos cranes! alien8recordings
stereolab kyberneticka babicka pt 1 7" too pure
printed circuit blinkenlights acrobotics 555 recordings
super madrigal brothers pastime with good company - henry VIII (1497-1547) shakestation american patchwork
xiu xiu crank heart fabulous muscles 5RC
merzbow / genesis p-orridge kreeme horne a perfect pain cold spring records
xbxrx regret sixth in sixes polyvinyl record co.
gito gito hustler natural love love star gito gito galore gearhead records
mauthausen orchestra a___ perversions mauthausen orchestra vis a vis audio arts
slumber party fantasy slumber party kill rock stars
asobi seksu end at the beginning asobi seksu friendly fire recordings
growing in the shadow of the mountain his return troubleman unlimited
n/a jan 2, 1941 (side b) personal record wilcox-gay corp.
OOIOO tune gold & green thrill jockey records
hair police mortuary servants hair police hospital productions
mirza/music for tunnels weather badaboom gramophone #3 badaboom gramophone
hototogisu disc 2 track 1 ghosts from the sun important records
acid mothers temple mammary intercourse wild gals a go-go eclipse records
nautical almanac's anti-systems track 1 labyrinths & jokes hanson records
biosphere deviation autour de la lune. touch music
isan first date - jumble sale meet next life morr music
patty duke colours unreleased folk album n/a


Skrockin' Yer Butow  playlist      09.02.05
Fridays 9 - Midnite (eastern time zone) • 89.3fm Dearborn/Detroit • • 1.800.585.HFCC x WORM
p:ano heavens brigadoon mint records
saturday looks good to me when the party ends every night LP polyvinyl
kid spatula carrier meast planet-mu
transient waves paradise sonic narcotic fat-cat
sleep chamber weapons ov magick sexmagick ritual trinity records
negativland tracks 6-10 negativland seeland records
jac berrocal ultim arlene fatal encounters megaphone records
virga antarctique eidos unique records
voice of eye strange attractor mariner sonique cyclone industries
pgr cage the morning book of serpents silent records
dorothy softness GRLZ women ahead of their time crippled dick hot wax!
anna oxygen meet jennifer meet jennifer 7" kill rock stars
metric hustle rose old world underground, where are you now? everloving
total life a thousand lights tape animal disguise recordings
hans edler jag soker efter karlek elektron kukeso boy wonder records
stars as eyes golden experience freedom rock tigerbeat6
casino versus japan making lake park in the sun whole numbers play the basics carpark records
heimir bjorgulfsson & jonas ohlsson give some blues us fur your bears only bottrop-boy
hanin elias in flames (christoph de babalon mix) in flames - remix ep digital hardcore recordings
alio die reflections of a dawn under a holy ritual projekt
v. v. we were young .another kind of language :dedicated to andrei tarkovsky and/OAR
prurient roman shower black vase load records
aidan baker & ultra milkmaids stretched guitars lie slo at home with... infraction
his name is alive track 7 leaf time STEREO
lethe walk on stilts sleep digest pale-disc
agit8 mortal sin cum on feel the noize vol.2 brise-cul records
n/a OLX the conet project: recordings of shortwave numbers stations irdial-disc
patty duke save your heart for me Don't Just Stand There united artists







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