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october 2006

Skrockin' Yer Butow  playlist      10.27.06
Fridays 9 - Midnite (eastern time zone) • 89.3fm Dearborn/Detroit • • 1.800.585.HFCC x WORM
les georges leningrad sangue puro sangue puro tomlab
kanda arctic all the good meetings are taken bop tart
vertonen forgiveness precipice orchid collider cip
sigillum s global network mantraviolence live assault verba corrige € audioglobe
kazuyuki k. null & jim o'rourke live at lounge axe pt 2 new kind of water charnel house productions
bonecloud campfire split cd-r w/ ghosting yarnlazer
Robedoor/Haunted Castle side C Failed Grails not not fun / Excitebike Tapes
seaworthy serrata serrata celebrate psi phenomenon
burning star core white swords in a black castle mes soldats stupides '96 - '04 cenotaph
raionbashi side two kollekte hanson
colleen john levers the ratchet colleen et les boites a musique the leaf label
colleen what is a componium? - part 1 colleen et les boites a musique the leaf label
ulrich schnauss nobody's home far away trains passing by domino
white rainbow box sleep now we're eally soft (remix of dirty projectors source) white rainbow box marriage records
jessica bailiff (covering Patty Duke) a million things to do PDFZ #6: love to patty TQR&R...


Skrockin' Yer Butow  playlist      10.20.06
Fridays 9 - Midnite (eastern time zone) • 89.3fm Dearborn/Detroit • • 1.800.585.HFCC x WORM
brasilia suspension bridge a life less desired a civil defense / unovis
nadja no cure for the lonely trembled utech records
elika employment elika thisquietarmy records
monument of urns the destroyer of all the destroyer of all hand hewn timbre
cotton museum - creature and cd art set vol. 1 tasty soil records
GHOSTING tourssssnititlessss Tour Split cd-r w/ PUMICE / BONUS / GMS Onomato
the following was played together as part of SYB's "Iskerka Rules" Megamix:
MARK DEUTROM Iraq Iraq self-released
mahmoud refat trax 1 - 7 miramar 100 copies
THE GHOST ORCHID v/a an introduction to EVP the parapsychic acoustic research cooperative
farmer in the sky various benefit cd -
v/a various 111 lock grooves crosstalk
v/a various various 500 lock-grooves by 500 artists rrrecords
earthen sea side b seeking enlightenment 12oz. at a time twonicorn
sally strobelight subliminal strobelight starships in silhouette weird forest records
closedown transmission nearfield silent
metal dungeon all trax [on random] cells time STEREO
Patty Duke It's Impossible - vocal Valley of the Dolls soundtrack phillips


Skrockin' Yer Butow  playlist      10.13.06
Fridays 9 - Midnite (eastern time zone) • 89.3fm Dearborn/Detroit • • 1.800.585.HFCC x WORM
le bleu du ciel
invisible pyramid: elegy box
last visible dog
mt pleasant
track 1
majestic header
celebrate psi phenomenon
his name is alive (RMX'd by four tet)
one year
someday RMX
silver mountain
his name is alive
honey moon
sound of mexico
his name is alive
mystery spot
cloud pop
silver mountain
his name is alive
i been good up till now
last night
taiga remains
side a
vermilion dusk
live 2.29.04
mystery disc series 2006
self released
television power electric
television power breakfast
television power electric
gentle giant records
alley sweeper records
victim of space
5 rue christine
terrestrial tones
side a
psych-o-path records
side one
garden of delights
drive-in records
the acidic blood
at the end of the rope
chondritic sound
indoor eagle
found men
ecstatic peace! sweet release #2
ecstatic peace!
Julien Ottavi
Is There A Composer In The Room (Automation Studies - Extract #1)
Allegorical Power III
miss murgatroid
through alien empires
through alien empires
japan overseas
osasto ep
blast first / mute
The History of Aids
hospital productions / armageddon label
Patty Duke
happy guy
Daydreamer Soundtrack
united artists


Skrockin' Yer Butow  playlist      10.06-07.06      [6 hour bonus show from 9PM to 3AM]
Fridays 9 - Midnite (eastern time zone) • 89.3fm Dearborn/Detroit • • 1.800.585.HFCC x WORM
bonus track 1 on earth root strata
OVe-NaXx wabisabi violence bullets from habikino city H.C. soot records
psychic TV baby's gone away GODSTAR thee director's cut voiceprint
wisteriax alive in the ice the specimen jar lildiscs
sagan the rest (when do we tell) resting pleasures 7" 333 recordings
brighter death now no tomorrow innerwar release / cold meat industries
wolf eyes rationed rot human animal sub pop
skull skull / my little red toe side b deathbomb arc tape club tape #dba053j deathbomb arc
Mark Robinson Ruggles Muggle Toodle-Loo Taste Teenbeat
jim nollman realtime interspecies music belly of the whale important records
PBK disc 3 track 5 Retro box: Die Brucke 1988 waystyx records
hado ho sonic wave 2002 split 12" w/ oren ambarchi & scott horscroft textile records
pussyfinger mala gente chew and swallow dielectric records
main part IV maser beggars banquet
dove yellow swans track 5 live during war crimes release the bats
john watermann killing a dove in an echoless room variious intransitive recordings
sudden infant scene 1 solothurn rrrecords
the ettes ghosts shake the dust sympathy for the record industry
adventure time we all agree it's grand! 7" AIM jukebox series
uum queen for a day silla sodina - public humiliation for the well tempered speaker vinyl communications
LHD track 3 curtains pacREC
egghatchers snowfall drones, jazz drifts, and blues hoal records
MASONNA track 5 frequency L.S.D alien8 recordings
mammal days into days let me die animal disguise recordings
strangulated beatoffs that'll be 200 dollars ma'am reverse child psychology nihilist records
speedranch janskynoise stringfellow hawke a56-7w (classified) m i–g r a t e planet mu records
sutekh shirako a la mode oral-extension odorico
comets on fire track 1 bong voyage bad glue records
hototogisu crimson streams green eclipse records
ukuphambana iron works tripych electrovideomove - live tracks 2004 rrrecords
milan knizak broken music composition an anthology of noise & electronic music / fourth a-chronology 1937 - 2005 sub rosa
throbbing gristle heaven, london, 23rd december 1980 TG+ industrial records
haunted castle side b street beast oh we're just friends
textured habitats know your dwelling know your dwelling nurse etiquette
monos in the wood nightfall sunshine die stadt / icr
lovely midget haevy feather north head family vineyard
André Previn Jennifer's French Movie Valley of the Dolls Soundtrack phillips







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