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september 2007

Skrockin' Yer Butow  playlist       9.28.2007       8:00 - Midnite
SYB & eQuinox present "The Outer Limits" • Fridays 8 - Midnite (eastern time zone) • 89.3fm Dearborn/Detroit • • 1.800.585.HFCC x WORM
Lietterschpich Malevolent Re-Creation Celebration!! I Cum Blood In The Think Tank Heart & Crossbone
Jazzfinger Low-level Cloud Fucker Low-level Cloud Fucker Chondritic Sound
Dead Machines side a Minister To A Mind Diseased Hanson
Jesu Blind & Faithless split 12" w/ Eluvium Temporary Residence / Hydra Head Records
Jimbo Easter The Will Of The Serpent Sundial The Will Of The Serpent Sundial Tasty Soil
Reformed Faction The Rotted Stick That Screeches Lying The War Against... Soleilmoon Recordings
Bear Bones Lay Low side b Djid Hums Gipsy Sphinx
Aaron Martin & Machinefabriek Cello Recycling Cello Recycling | Cello Drowning Type Recordings
Eric Cook KFJC 20202 - 2 I Will Not Be Angry Anymore - Live 2002 Simulated
Valet Fire 7" Burnt Brown Sounds
Unnecessary Surgery 48 bands in 10 minutes split w/ the toe cutter fr/ DBA tape club Deathbomb Arc
Keith Evans Live At The Exploratorium The Tenth Annual Activating The Medium Festival 01/27/07 23five
Concrete Violin Time Destroys Everything Texas Rrrecords
Negative Entropy Wavelength Of Absorption Bhreus Kormo C.I.P.
Trollmann Av Ildtoppberg Aeons Of Darkness Live At The Tut 'n Shive Monolith
Birchville Cat Motel Tonal Fire Antichrist Bird Sister Blasphemy Celebrate Psi Phenomenon
Kevin Drumm and Daniel Menche Gauntlet Gauntlet editions Mego
Genders (Covering Patty Duke) I'll Plant My Own Tree PDFZ #6: Love To Patty TQR&R...


Skrockin' Yer Butow  playlist       9.21.2007       8:00 - Midnite          [space week]
SYB & eQuinox present "The Outer Limits" • Fridays 8 - Midnite (eastern time zone) • 89.3fm Dearborn/Detroit • • 1.800.585.HFCC x WORM
Secret Method of the Galactic Universe
Never Ending Space Trackin'
Invaders From Space
Black Noise Practitioner
Dielectric Minimalsit All-Stars
Cruising Deep Space With Hendrix' Ghost And A Handful Of Green Globe Blotter
Dielectric Records
Princess Dragonmom
Message From Space DVD
Gleason Rocket
Trail Of The Lonesome Pine
March Records
Psychic TV
Black Moon
Dreams Less Sweet
Some Bizarre Ltd.
The Magnetic Fields
The Dreaming Moon
The Magnetic Fields Get Lost
Merge Records
Girl From Jupiter
a Mind Expansion compilation
Mind Expansion
Brutum Fulmen (remixing Lasse Marhaug)
It Was 1951 When I First Contacted The Moon
Tender Wreckage
Gameboy Records
Alien Soundtracks
Indiscreet Stereo Test Record
discreet / Indiscreet
centaur in saturn
noctilucent valleys
soft abuse
expansion bay
star obsolescence
star obsolescence
spanish magic
Patty Duke
The End Of The World
Don't Just Stand There
United Artists
Disastronaut (Featuring Jo Perfect & Jesia Ward)
555 Recordings
Co - Star
These Stars Are Not For You (Paradise Mix)
555 Recordings
Alan R. Splet
Space travel w/ changing choral textures (1983)
An Anthology Of Noise & Electronic Music / Second A-Chronology 1936-2003 (1)
Sub Rosa
Dead Comet Alive
untitled #3
American Tapes 500 Box
American Tapes
Windy & Carl
Fragments Of Time And Space
Introspection: Singles & Rarities 1993-2000 (Disc 1)
Blue Flea
Mute Moon
Just An Illusion
New Star Broadcasting
The Conet Project: Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations
Gravity Vs. Anti-Matter
Spaced Out
Mitten [State] Transmissions (Disc 3)
Top Quality Rock & Roll...
Astral Light
Spooky Action
side b
Stereo Mars
Ecstatic Peace!
Pete Swanson
track 4
Static Space
Root Strata
Sun Stabbed
track 3
Seedy R! / PseudoArcana
Cosmological Constant
Flux Records
space in a can
off the map
Hwyl Nofio
Basic Bob
What's New Pussycat 7 Of 9
parodies travesties anomalies


Skrockin' Yer Butow  playlist       9.14.2007       10:00 - Midnite
SYB & eQuinox present "The Outer Limits" • Fridays 8 - Midnite (eastern time zone) • 89.3fm Dearborn/Detroit • • 1.800.585.HFCC x WORM
Bad Tables. Cushion Things, Codine, Wet Tea-Towel The Lid Domestic Dome Bin. Tape. CR-R. Spanish Music
Merzbow Loop Fuck 2 Merzbox Disc 18 - Pornoise/1 Kg Vol.1 Extreme
David Watson Track 06 Fingering An Idea - disc 1: Dexter (Music for highland bagpipe) XI Records
His Name Is Alive Your Light Xmmer [Instrumental] Silver Mountain Media Group
His Name Is Alive Sangaree Xmmer Silver Mountain Media Group
Heavy Winged Blacc Stork Blacc Lust Three Lobed Recordings
R. H.Y. Yau Point Of Separation California Box Rrrecords/Groundfault/Troniks
Kawabata Makoto Osaka Loop Line Pt 1 Osaka Loop Line - Kawabata Makoto Early Works AMT
Tujiko Noriko Sun! Solo editions Mego
Null Terminal Beach Terminal Beach Manifold
Scream Club (covering Patty Duke) Lonely Little Inbetweenie PDFZ #6: Love To Patty TQR&R...


Skrockin' Yer Butow  playlist       9.07.2007       10:00 - Midnite
SYB & eQuinox present "The Outer Limits" • Fridays 8 - Midnite (eastern time zone) • 89.3fm Dearborn/Detroit • • 1.800.585.HFCC x WORM
bunkur side 1 bludgeon from beyond / displeased
Maurizio Bianchi Maidanek Symphony For A Genocide Hospital Productions
Tetuzi Akiyama And Gunter Muller ././././. Points And Slashes Erstwhile Records
Steve Llama side a unchained fag tapes
Sick Llama side b Horrible Remixxx 2 fag tapes
Roman Torment The Gift of Grief split 12" w/ Feed The Dragon Anarchymoon Recordings
Brigitte Bardot Oh Qu'il Est Vilain Show Magic Records
Psychic TV / Ptv3 Just Because Hell Is Invisible...Heaven Is Here/E Sweet Nothing / Cargo
Andrea Belfi RIB Crows Of The World (Disc 1) Last Visible Dog
Rose Melberg I Love How You Love Me PDFZ #6: Love To Patty TQR&R...







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