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august 2009


Skrockin' Yer Butow & eQuinox present "The Outer Limits"
Fridays 8 - Midnite (eastern time zone) • 89.3fm Dearborn/Detroit • • 1.800.585.HFCC x WORM



  Skrockin' Yer Butow    playlist       08.28.2009       10:00 - Midnite
08/28/2009 23:43:10 Daniel Menche Jugularis 2 Jugularis Important Records
08/28/2009 23:21:12 Expo '70 track 3 Center Of The Earth self-released
08/28/2009 23:01:35 Asmus Tietchens Teilmenge 42 ζ-Menge L-NE
08/28/2009 22:43:28 William Basinski 92982.1 92982 2062
08/28/2009 22:24:36 PBK/BMG Eyes Of The Mellified Man 1 Gameboy Records
08/28/2009 22:18:45 Klangwart Telemann Stadtlandfluss Staubgold
08/28/2009 22:16:11 Pain Teens Bruised Stimulation Festival Trance Syndicate
08/28/2009 21:58:11 Hive Mind side G MICHIGAN RRRecords, Hanson Records, Chondritic Sound
  eQuinox    playlist       08.28.2009       8:00 - 10:00
08/28/2009 21:45:42 Chihei Hatakeyama The Room In Past Saunter Room40
08/28/2009 21:36:15 Chll Pll Super Zodiac Aggresively Humble Porter Records
08/28/2009 21:28:44 Chll Pll Now Then And When Aggresively Humble Porter Records
08/28/2009 21:22:56 Mason Lindahl serrated man sound Serrated Man Sound Porter Records
08/28/2009 21:20:05 Mason Lindahl you, sun bathe Serrated Man Sound Porter Records
08/28/2009 21:12:45 Marissa Nadler Fifty Five Falls Ballads Of Living And Dying Eclipse Records
08/28/2009 21:09:16 Cheval Sombre Little Bit of Heaven Cheval Sombre Double Feature
08/28/2009 21:02:25 Martin Schulte Tunnel Depth Of Soul Lantern Records
08/28/2009 20:57:17 Martin Schulte Solar Eclipse Depth Of Soul Lantern Records
08/28/2009 20:56:48 Zomby Where Were U In '92? Where Were U In '92? Werk Discs
08/28/2009 20:55:45 Zomby Track 13 Scratch Perverts Beatdown Fabric Records
08/28/2009 20:49:32 Zombie Disco Squad Track 16 Scratch Perverts Beatdown Fabric Records
08/28/2009 20:44:23 Sally Shapiro Moonlight Dance My Guilty Pleasure Paper Bag Records
08/28/2009 20:42:00 Sally Shapiro Swimming Through The Blue Lagoon My Guilty Pleasure Paper Bag Records
08/28/2009 20:34:54 Xela remix November 1, 1832 Balmorhea:All is wild, all is silent remixes Western Vinyl
08/28/2009 20:29:43 DJ Crackhouse $limelord Breakbeat workout (with lunaC) DJ Crackhouse Vs $limelord Slowleak records
08/28/2009 20:20:44 Nicolas Stefan Closer Total 10 Kompakt
08/28/2009 20:13:21 Shumi The Wind And The Sea Total 10 Kompakt
08/28/2009 20:08:52 The Caretaker Rosy Retrospection Persistent Repetition of Phrases History Always Favours the Winners
08/28/2009 20:07:47 Leyland Kirby the darkness that seperates remembering from not remembering (remembered) sadly, the future is no longer what it was (remembered) History Always Favours the Winners


  Skrockin' Yer Butow    playlist       08.21.2009       10:00 - Midnite
08/21/2009 23:17:13 Yannick Dauby Volcanic Tatooed Toads Volcanic Tatooed Toads Kalerne
08/21/2009 23:08:25 Monotrona You Love Me Ooka meets Jing Pow Ki Poo
08/21/2009 23:04:51 Tomult 3 am phonecall n/a
08/21/2009 23:03:04 skozey fetisch inclusion eclipse doctors of exquisite eternities this, then Resipiscent
08/21/2009 22:42:00 Black Dice Skeleton Creature Comforts DFA
08/21/2009 22:10:09 Lou Reed Find Your Note Hudson River Wind Meditations Sounds True
08/21/2009 21:53:49 Eluvium Taken Talk Amongst The Trees Temporary Residence Limited
  eQuinox    playlist       08.21.2009       8:00 - 10:00
08/21/2009 21:11:54 Celer The Everything and the Nothing The Everything and the Nothing Infraction
08/21/2009 20:17:49 Mathieu Ruhlmann + Celer Before Pollution / Underwater Thunderstorm / Family Photos Speckled With Ocean Dust / The Gentle Streaming / Glass Nets / Loophole / Pre-Sea Mesoscaphe Spekk
08/21/2009 20:00:19 Celer The Carved God Is Gone Waking Above The Pileus Clouds Discourses Of The Withered Infraction


  Skrockin' Yer Butow    playlist       08.14.2009       10:00 - Midnite
08/14/2009 23:26:19 The Excessive Size Punisher,
The Desperate Accountant,
U Can Unlearn Guitar,
Dolores Dewberry,
R. Nuuja,
Kazko P. Smut,
John Wiese,
U Can Unlearn Guitar,
Page 27,
Animal MacGregor,
Kazko E.S.P.,
| | |,
Billy Ray Cyrix,
Radio Shock,
Twin Towers,
Finding Nowhere,
Sudden Infant,
Sausage Finger,
The Excessive Size Punisher,
DJ Faccia Di Merda,
Carlos Giffoni,
U Can Unlearn Guitar,
Burning Star Core,
Insect Deli,
Duo Kanel And Page 27,
Sten Ove Toft,
Emil's Small Penis,
Tripping On Falling,
Bjørn Hatterhud,
Roger Rotor,
The Eternally Suffering Pricks
Take Some Ibuprofen And You Probably Won't Feel The Pain (Love Is Pain Mix),
Just Say No To Decaer Pinga (Hurts Terribly Mix),
Don't Stop Bleedin' (Phat Pain Mix),
Only Happy When In Pain (Dewberry's Blueberries Mix),
Pain For The Sake Of Pain (Wheeze-L Mix),
Don't Stop Bleedin' (Club Mix),
Livin' & Learnin' (Cock 22 Mix),
King Of Pain (Kind Of Pussy Mix),
Pain For The Sake Of Pain (G# Mix),
November Pain (Music-Video Mix),
Who's Crying Now (Brain Reconfiguration Mix),
Cock Sequence (Play Me 12x Slower Mix),
The Cock Looks Red (Big Up Boh Selecta 2 All The Crews Out There!! Mix),
Energetic Sniffle Patrol (Be Prepared Mix),
I'll Be Alright Without Pain (Merzbau Mix),
Centrefold (Oakenfold Mix),
Send Her My Pain (Nothing To Gain Mix),
Send Her My Pain (Who's My Pain Now? Mix),
Be Bad To Yourself (Every Other One Is The Key Mix),
Don't Stop Bleedin' (Don't Stop Finding Blood Mix),
After The Pain (I'll Go To Spain Mix),
Send Her My Pain (We Clearly Understand What Is Memory Mix),
The Best Band On The Compilation (Euromix),
Don't Stop Bleedin' (Favourite Cock Moments Mix),
Don't Stop Bleedin' (Take Me To My Car Mix),
Who Can Stop The Pain? (Cuttin' Muffins Mix),
Don't Stop Bleedin' (Rub Mix),
Here Comes The Pain Again (Wiseguy Dumbed Down Mix),
Cock's Promise (From The Side Of The Tambourine Mix),
Coward Electronics (Excursion Of Savant Peafowl Mix),
Only Happy When In Pain (LuvleeMix),
Viking Blood (Grumpy Mix),
Song For TheAsskcking (Sildajazz 2003 Mix),
Be Bad To Yourself (Pain In My Eyes Mix),
Sadistic Tenderness (Manipulated Turntable Mix),
Don't Stop Bleedin' (Teenage Incest Gay Disco Mix),
Send Her My Pain (Rotorific Mix),
Sweet Cherry Phi (Love Action Mix)



08/14/2009 23:19:01 n/a The Lincolnshire Poacher The Conet Project: Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations Irdial-Disc
08/14/2009 23:01:08 Diskaholics Trio side 1 Live In Japan Vol. 1 Load Records
08/14/2009 22:51:00 No Age Brett Schultz Himself Deathbomb Arc Tape Club Year 3 (DEC) Deathbomb Arc
08/14/2009 22:17:10 Moss Gate III: Devils From The Outer Dark - Walpurgis, The Coming Of 13, Exitus Templum Sub Templum Rise Above Records
08/14/2009 22:03:37 Couch Jeff Glass Brothers 1993-1994 BULB
08/14/2009 22:02:16 Couch Old Man Glass Brothers 1993-1994 BULB
08/14/2009 22:00:00 Couch Truckload Of Boats Glass Brothers 1993-1994 BULB
  eQuinox    playlist       08.14.2009       8:00 - 10:00
08/14/2009 21:14:11 Celer Breeze of Roses Breeze of Roses Dragon's Eye Recordings
08/14/2009 21:00:50 Electricwest Goddess (celer rmx) R3MIXES Archaic Horizon
08/14/2009 20:20:26 Celer Part 2 Engaged Touches Home Normal Records
08/14/2009 20:17:27 Celer 80,000 Feet Nacreous Clouds And/OAR
08/14/2009 20:14:35 Celer Artificial Colours Nacreous Clouds And/OAR
08/14/2009 20:04:22 Celer Untitled Elias Self-released
08/14/2009 19:59:35 Celer Birds In Yellow Various Artists:Translations of Opacity for Michelangelo Antonioni And/OAR




08.07.2009    no eQuinox & SYB this week - went here instead...








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