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september 2010


Skrockin' Yer Butow & eQuinox present "The Outer Limits"
Fridays 8 - Midnite (eastern time zone) • 89.3fm Dearborn/Detroit • • 1.800.585.HFCC x WORM



SYB sept 3rd
Artist Track Album label
08:00:00 PM
Greater Than One Fear Is The Agent Of Violence I Don't Need God/Utopia Brainwashed Recordings
08:06:00 PM
Greater Than One Memories/Scissors Index Brainwashed Recordings
08:09:00 PM
Greater Than One Hair/Spirits (Lu & La) Index Brainwashed Recordings
08:11:00 PM
Greater Than One Harmony Index Brainwashed Recordings
08:16:00 PM
Greater Than One Metal Index Brainwashed Recordings
08:21:00 PM
Pork Queen If Man Did Indeed Descend From Birds 7” Trackshun Industries
08:25:00 PM
Andrew Coltrane side b Persuasion Rainbow Bridge Recordings
08:57:00 PM
Rosemary Krust New Moon Hex NEW MOON HEX
09:15:00 PM
TenHornedBeast Black Walls Rising/Black Stars Falling My Horns Are A Flame To Draw Down The Truth Cold Spring
09:26:00 PM
Nadja One Hundred Years Lágrimas De Miedo 14 - Pornography: Re-heat Fear Drop
09:35:00 PM
Lycia Later Cold Projekt
09:42:00 PM
Project Qua Project For Rachel Corrie Allegorical Power II Antiopic
09:48:00 PM
09:54:00 PM
Maska Genetik Moments Of Truth Quarantine Galakthorrö
09:58:00 PM
Lithops Untitled Uni Umit Sonig
10:09:00 PM
Contrastate In Like A Bull, Out Like A General False Fangs For Old Werewolves Fin De Siècle Media
10:14:00 PM
Goddakk Human Beings monument to a ruined age Silber Records
10:20:00 PM
Bongwater Rain Box of Bongwater [Disc 2] Shimmy Disc
10:26:00 PM
His Name Is Alive Track 07 Leaf time STEREO
10:33:00 PM
Curtis Glatter / Nathan Hubbard Vampyr Rivulet Circumvention
11:01:00 PM
Asmus Tietchens Teilmenge 50 η-Menge Line
11:10:00 PM
Acitine Smother Phanes' Birth Else Product
11:19:00 PM
Starving Weirdos track 2 Summon With Electronic Sorcery Bottrop-Boy
11:33:00 PM
Dielectric Drone All-Stars Trainline Dr. One Dielectric Records

SYB sept 10th
Artist Track Album label
06:00:00 PM
Ranaldo / Giffoni / Moore / Cline Four Guitars Live Live At Luxx Important Records
06:46:00 PM
Worthless I'm over here I'm over here A Worthless Recording
07:38:00 PM
J. Spaceman Guitar Loops Guitar Loops Treader
08:15:00 PM
Merzbow Live At Soviet Army Officers House Hall 24 March 1988 Merzbox disc 26: Live In Khabarovsk, CCCP (I'm Proud By Rank Of The Workers) Extreme
08:44:00 PM
Metal Dungeon ---all trax on random--- CELLS time STEREO
09:12:00 PM
Godzuki Easter Eve 1997 ---free tape thrown at crowd Easter Eve 1997---
09:40:00 PM
The Beast People The Beast People 30 min. video released in 1999 DVD Hanson
09:58:00 PM
Nate Young & Mark Morgan track 3 Bitter Old Man Sugar Creek
10:25:00 PM
Olekranon Unsafe {recycle human lung} Inam Records
10:31:00 PM
Borful Tang Juggernaut Soliloquoy On The Back Of A Dying Beast Gigante Sound
10:52:00 PM
Musica Elettronica Viva Ferrara, Italy (2002) MEV 40 New World Records

SYB sept 17th
Artist Track Album label
08:00:00 PM
SYB shredinator Junggle scratch 343 looped junggle

SYB sept 24th
Artist Track Album label
08:00:00 PM
Zara Kand Parts Shark Egg Blues Free Bondage Music/Art Unlmtd.
08:03:00 PM
Wolf Eyes With John Wiese Equinox Equinox Troniks
08:50:00 PM
lovesliescrushing JOMM Chorus + 3 L-NE
08:57:00 PM
Mike Khoury & Curtis Glatter track 2 average speed of answer Spread The Disease
09:01:00 PM
Michael Roulade tape 9, side a 10 cassette boxset Nihilist Records
09:26:00 PM
Electric Bird Noise Vestibule Transitoire fragile hearts...fragile minds No More Stars Records
09:52:00 PM
Cousins Of Reggae Back Up Against The Bank Quartz Spanish Magic
09:56:00 PM
We Like Cats Ruff-A-Lution (Vital Ital Version) Proper Eats Marriage Records
10:03:00 PM
MONARCH! Amplifire Death March Monarch/Elysiüm split Throne Records, Solitude Records, Shifty Records, Amertume-Corruption, Parade Records, 213 Records, WeeWee, Fidelio, Amanita, Murder Records
11:03:00 PM
Throbbing Gristle CD 22: Recorded Live at Butlers Wharf London, 23rd Dec 1979 TG24 The Grey Area of Mute






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