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now that The Birthday Machine has officially broken up, their TQR&R record, and this new double 3" cd-r set is all that you can get to fulfill your indiest-of-indie fixes.

this is an Enhanced Double Mini CD-r release, featuring 5 songs and a QuickTime video. strictly limited to 50 copies.

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The Birthday Machine is made up of parts.

Quality Canadian parts.

One used part (Miko Hoffman, guitar, vocals, formerly of gaze),
one borrowed part (Stefan Udell, guitar, vocals, currently in The Beans),
one stolen part (Brady Cranfield, drums, taken from The Secret Three),
and one other part (Christa Min, bass, never forgets a birthday).



Together, they sound like a cake.
They have the sweetness of the icing and
the sadness of too many candles.
Sometimes the cake gets left out
on the counter and it turns into (a) Rock.



PARTY HERE to download an mp3 of "The Birthday Machine" demo by The Birthday Machine
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PARTY HERE to see live pix taken by kao kaori


Debut 7" out now.




"Take notice, The Birthday Machine are REALLY fucking good!"
- Editor's pick at:
read the full review here



This is the forthcoming four-song 7" from this quintet from Vancouver. The Birthday Machine play mild-mannered and medium tempo indie-rock that focuses on soft vocals that soothe tempers. The Birthday Machine moves back and forth in the songs between male and female singers, but they could benefit from some more mixing of vocals within songs. As a first 7", this is some great stuff. The 7" starts off with the ultra-pleasing "The Birthday Machine," before moving to the oddly familiar sounding "Victory Chords." This is followed by the title track that sounds very similar to "The Birthday Machine." The final song on the 7" is a remix of "Closet Superhero" by Cowbell (?). The song is of good quality with what appears minimal over-the-top remixing; but of course you need to know what the original sounds like to compare. It seems that Vancouver is an ideal place to pump out good bands like The Birthday Machine, but I've barely heard of any. -


La mejor tradiciÛn slowcore guÌa las prestaciones pop y rock de The Birthday Machine, promesa indie cuyo primer single merece cerradas ovaciones. En el corte titular es donde alcanzan sus mejores cotas, sublimando una estÈtica de lo fr·gil (ojo a la rompible voz de Miko Hoffman) y tirando versos de poco gozo y mucha sombra: "IntentarÈ quererte menos, porque no es lo mismo para ti". No hay humor.
-Juan Manuel Freire,


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