This box set includes a few real found items plus the film

“Becky, ya got yer space, babe...”


FOUND SOUNDS is a 3 CD-R & DVD-R set of audio found on (mostly) discarded answering machine tapes.

Way back in the mid-90's I started collecting answering machine tapes from used answering machines being sold at thrift stores. The intent was to edit them down and play 'em on my radio show.

A few peeps have even scoured thrift stores in other states for me (thanks Lisa!), which led to the discovery of the "letter tape" some guy made for his girlfriend while driving from Chicago to St, Louis (er, maybe it was St, Louis to Chicago, whatever...).

After hearing this tape, I decided it was so truly wretched that I needed to share it with the rest of the world, so I made it into a little film using various driving footage. The end result is the included DVD “Becky, ya got yer space, babe...”

This dude goes on and on for about an hour, talking about all kindsa shit, and playing some pretty awful music during the drive. So, so bad it's good!

The set contains over 230 tracks... take a listen to some of 'em here if you'd like...



"Becky, ya got yer space, babe..." scored me an interview on WDET,
and kicked off the Mitten Movie Project Feature Series at the Burton Theatre!