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  1. it's time to move on
  2. dona dona
  3. shine for me
  4. housewife's lament
  5. johnny i hardly knew ye
  6. blowin in the wind
  7. the cruel war
  8. the best is yet to come
  9. and we were strangers
  10. puff the magic dragon
  11. the old bells of rhymney
  12. i ain't blamin' you
  13. colours
  14. i want your love
    (left off of the Valley Of The Dolls record)


      Here's a collection of unreleased tracks that Patty recorded for a record that never happened.

      Thanks goes out to Johnny G for sending me these tracks. He does a nice Patty Duke tribute here.      Thanks to Carrie for track 13!!!

      The picture shown is an "artist's interpretation" of a cover for the record. I borrwed the image from Patty's official web page, which has more info on these tracks as well.

NOTE:  These mp3 files were made from, like, fifth generation copies, so the quality and levels aren't that great...