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About this interview…

On the recording: Rozz Williams, Eva O., Stephen Grey (drummer), Amy (tour manager), “The Groupies” (a guy and a girl), Mike D…(interviewer)

It was recorded in October 1992 at Shadow Project’s hotel room after their gig at The Marquee club in Detroit, Michigan.

I had been a college dj for about a year and this was my first interview - ever.
I wanted it to be more of a recording of the band just hanging out and talking, rather that the “question:answer, question:answer, question:answer…” format of a standard interview.

I rode with Eva and Stephen to the hotel (Rozz was in “the groupies” car), and the whole way there, we had a great conversation, and I had wished I were recording it.

Once there, we all continued to talk as I was getting the tape recorder ready - a somewhat older, noisy machine, with a big, bulky mic (listen for the reference in the interview). Everything was going well, and then I hit the record button. Once I did that, everyone just stopped talking, looked at me, and waited for the first question.

It was quite nerve racking, and ever since, I’ve been reluctant to let anyone hear the interview, because I sound like such a fuckin' goober (I was nervous as hell).

However, I’ve decided that sharing this bit of Rozz's legacy is too important to keep all to myself. So here it is. If the flow seems awkward in a few places, it’s because I’ve edited out some of my dead spots of the conversation.

One thing to keep in mind is that it was pretty crazy in the room that nite. At one point, Rozz opened up and was saying some heart felt stuff. During this, the others were in the bathroom trying to fix the busted toilet, and eventually they all busted out laughing and goofing around, which killed the moment.

Unfortunately, the conversation never got that deep again, but there are some other great moments…
Anyway, this recording means a lot to me, and I hope you dig it.

-Mike D…
Top Quality Rock & Roll…


CLICK, YO: Rozz_TQRnR_interviewByMikeD