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• • • the petey wheatstraw good time party tape • • •


A perfectly swell video to play at yer party/club/whateva. Expect most of your guests to ask you, "What the hell is this????"

Sometime in mid-2001, Mike D was working on a video for his day job, and asked Petey Wheatstraw to help out. Needing to record ambient room noise, Petey stepped up towhere the talent would be on camera to capture the room’s natural sound.

Several months later, Castle D’s first official house party was planned. Wanting to provide top quality entertainment for guests, Mike D decided to loop the footage of Petey previously recorded. Now editing a completely different project at work, the video of Petey was digitized and laid out over the existing audio of the project in the editing system at the time, and looped to a two hour tape.

the petey wheatstraw good time party tape is the result...

Petey Wheatstraw (now know as Peteystraw) is the DJ of the Aphelion Resonance: echoes program, which airs friday evenings (technically saturday mornings) on WHFR 89.3 fm Dearborn/Detroit, from Midnite until 2:00am EST.

Peteystraw began at WHFR mixing ambient records and cds creating soundscapes. The influence of time, technology and chaos have evolved petey's style. Aphelion Resonance: echoes is two hours of sound collage generated from processed audio samples and live sounds.

You can listen on the web at, and call Peteystraw during Aphelion Resonance: echoes toll free at 1.800.585.HFCC x 9676.